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Aviv is rolling out a worldwide network of medical centers applying Data Science and AI. This video showcases their new centre.

An internationally recognized organization with an impressive office! We just loved capturing the personality and vibes of this office space.

BabyQ is a quirky and flavourful lounge-bar. Using FPV drones, they were able to display their impressive decor and youthful vibe.

This video highlights the building’s grandeur while providing a tour.

We didn’t think pallets of boxes would make an interesting shot, but FPV drones and Capricorn Logistics proved us wrong.

Cassette places an emphasis on art and design, so when it came to filming their venue, an equally creative and effective process was necessary.

Coffee helps start people’s days. So it’s important to show them where they can enjoy it.

Take a look at DTEC’s interior! No wonder they were awarded the “best-designed” office in Dubai.

Keeping it classy yet cozy with the EDITION hotel.

A cute tour inside Eggs & Soldiers—a one-stop destination for natural and eco-friendly baby products.

A glimpse from the Infinity Des Lumieres—the digital arts centre known for its incredibly immersive ‘audio-visual experience.’

The FPV drone beautifully captured this delicious client! Now you can visually experience the delicacies of Jones the Grocer.

Going to the dentist may be a daunting experience for most, but Micris uses FPV to show how their center is equipped to handle their patients’ needs while making them comfortable.

Take a look at the stunning interior of the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, the global leader in performing arts education and training.

The Zuma Restaurant shoot was super fun. Their inviting layout (and dishes) led to a captivating and dynamic shoot.


Take a look at the stunning interior of the one of the best property in Dubai.