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FEDS’ core business is making commercial operations safer, faster, and more efficient with drone-powered solutions. The three main applications are surveying & mapping, inspections, and construction monitoring.

Survey mapping drone


Use drones to cover large parcels of land extremely quickly and accurately. While drones are fast, they are also precise; they deliver survey-grade results that are up to 1 cm in accuracy.


Drones allow operators to isolate the hazards from the inspectors conducting inspections. Drones provide a significant boost to safety while also improving asset reliability and reducing downtime.

Construction Monitoring

Drones capture consistent data at precise intervals that accurately depicts the site's progress. The captured data allows contractors to mitigate risk and review sites as-built vs as planned.

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market opportunity

Even though the drone-related businesses have become ‘trendy’ in recent years, there is an abundance of business opportunities in this field.

Market Size
$ 0 Billion

Goldman Sachs forecasts the total drone market size to be worth $100 billion—with growing demand for drones from the commercial and government sectors.

in Construction
$ 0 Billion

Drone applications in constructions and mining could eventually become a $28.3 billion global market,
according to a report by PwC.

Infrastructure, agriculture and transportation are the key industries that will spur growth in the market for drone services.

PwC report entitled “Clarity From Above”

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